Paramore [Canceled] Concert

Last December, Paramore announced on their page about a tour of their new album 'After Laughter'. 

And Jakarta was on it!





I was so happy, I could eat a whole pan of pizza alone, oh wait... I always do it anyway. Joking aside, I was planning to go to the show with my friend, let's call her Amee. She has been my friend since elementary school.

this is Amee

Paramore has been our favorite band since middle school, and I remember how heartbroken she was when two members left the band when us still in middle school. Then, Paramore continued on with 3 members after they released 'Brand New Eyes' album. Anyway, the band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro.

And the concert was supposed to be held near my place, literally near me. Now I live in BSD - Tangerang Selatan and the concert was planned to be at ICE BSD (Indonesia Convention Exhibition). Amee had stayed at my place since Thursday (15/2), and the following day we prepared ourselves to go to the venue.

But it was not as easy as it seemed.