Paramore [Canceled] Concert

Last December, Paramore announced on their page about a tour of their new album 'After Laughter'. 

And Jakarta was on it!





I was so happy, I could eat a whole pan of pizza alone, oh wait... I always do it anyway. Joking aside, I was planning to go to the show with my friend, let's call her Amee. She has been my friend since elementary school.

this is Amee

Paramore has been our favorite band since middle school, and I remember how heartbroken she was when two members left the band when us still in middle school. Then, Paramore continued on with 3 members after they released 'Brand New Eyes' album. Anyway, the band currently consists of lead vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York and drummer Zac Farro.

And the concert was supposed to be held near my place, literally near me. Now I live in BSD - Tangerang Selatan and the concert was planned to be at ICE BSD (Indonesia Convention Exhibition). Amee had stayed at my place since Thursday (15/2), and the following day we prepared ourselves to go to the venue.

But it was not as easy as it seemed.
Amee had stayed on my place since Thursday (15/2) and we were like two kids who'd meet their idol soon, so excited.

Then came my first mistake which was forgetting to print out the ticket barcode. We went separately; Amee went to ICE first to check the venue and I was going search for a printing. However, all of them were closed because it was Chinese New Year. I panicked; Amee said we couldn't scan it through phone because they said the barcode scanner was broken.

But luckily somehow she made it, and we got our tickets. I went to ICE ASAP, met her and went to AEON to have lunch, because it was still 3 hours before the gate opening.

 We went back home so we could take a rest a bit before the show. However, when we were back at the concert venue, Zac posted on his Instagram saying he was at AEON, and something happened..

"Tell me it's okay"

When we on our way back to ICE, here come the tragedy, Hayley posted something in Paramore account, and it said....

Amee froze, and then all of a sudden panicked. Amidst all that, I still managed to take a selfie in the car. Ok, sorry.

We kept on our way to ICE. There, we met some fans who came to the venue but hadn't got the info about the updates named Debbie and Els, Paramore fans from Singapore who looked confused because of the incident. Debbie asked the staffs and even at that time they said the concert wouldn't be canceled.

I asked a staff once again. He said that Paramore would have an official announcement soon, and let us into the venue. There were a lot of fans that I guess hadn't seen the Instagram update. They were still taking pictures, eating, and laughing around. They were still looking forward to meeting their idol.

But as soon as I joined them in the venue, the staff came, then told them about the incident that occurred. Everyone was shocked, sad, and confused. "Is this real? And us won't see them?"

Anyway, the email we all received is this one...

The staffs confirmed that the concert would be postponed. Sadness filled the venue, there were also fans crying, but what could we do? Nothing. Hayley was sick, all we could do was just pray for her. Some of the fans were maybe angry because they had wasted their money for the airplane tickets to Jakarta and hotel rooms to stay. They traveled so far, saved their money to watch Paramore, but ended up with nothing. Still, even if we were disappointed, we still prayed for the best.

Suddenly the gate opened, people burst into the stage area. We stood near the stage, waiting for the official announcement.

Staff played 'The Only Exception' from Spotify (I guess, lol) and we sang along, still believing in the little hope that Hayley could recover faster and sing for us. But that hope was just a mere hope. All we got was the staffs' explanation about the reason why the concert was postponed to a later date, and the ticket refund policy.

I met my Singaporean friends again, we all shared the same sadness and disappointment. We cheered each other up. Well, life still goes on, right? 

I heard Paramore will still perform in Japan, and already set another date for the Manila concert. Still no further information about Jakarta, but I hope I still can go and see their live performance for once in my life. 

Honestly, I was hoping to write this concert story with full of fun stories and happy things, but the reality just hit me. Wishing and hoping are fine, but you know, that's not how it works. We can't expect what is going to happen in the future. But it's fine, I still can write about another good concert, right? See you in the next post!

Send me concert or gigs recomendation near you :D maybe I can come and write the review about it.

Last word, Paramore song in their new album is really related with us that time..

Oh please don't ask me how I've been. Don't make me play pretend. Oh no, oh what's the use. Oh please, I bet everybody here is fake happy too - Paramore, Fake Happy
See you in the next post!
Ditta Amelia Saraswati
February 2018


  1. I know what u feel uuuu so sad..

  2. Too bad. Hope they will set a new date for Jakarta

  3. it was sad, but i hope we’ll meet again if they reschedule a jakarta show! :) -els

  4. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216857777302687&set=a.10204510511548760.1073741832.1411943262&type=3&theater Maybe, this even would heal your dissapointment and sadness (and pain)